"Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip. It far surpassed our original expectations. The team was amazed at how you took our original idea and changed it be a hundred times better!"
"The trip was wonderful. Thank you very much for the assistance and planning. Historical Adventures did a super job!"
"The best trips possible for students... as easy as possible for teachers!"

Field trips are a wonderful learning experience for your students but can be a challenging and time consuming experience for you to plan. Our goal is to lift this weight off of your shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best, TEACHING.

In addition to custom planning every trip to meet your specific goals and objectives, we make all of the arrangements for each trip, and supply supplemental accident insurance for each participant. Listed below are some of the other services we regularly provide for our teachers in response to having asked them "What else can we do to help make this field trip as easy for you as possible?"

The collection of registration forms and payment
Our staff is equipped to handle this tedious and time-consuming task. We collect registrations via postal mail, fax or e-mail, and accept checks, money orders and credit cards. We lighten your work-load, but keep you well-informed with weekly updates throughout the registration period.

Conducting informational assemblies/meetings for students/parents
Whether it is an assembly to introduce a trip to students, or a Q and A session with concerned parents, we happily provide the appropriate level of assistance for each situation.

Helping with the selection and preparation of chaperones
Chaperones are a crucial element to every successful field trip and we take chaperone selection and preparation very seriously. After guiding trip leaders to make the best possible choices of chaperones, we offer to meet with the chaperones for a pre-trip discussion, and always provide detailed information for each chaperone to use on the day of the trip.

Creating pre-trip, on-site, and/or post-trip activities and curriculum
Field trips are most effective when students are well-prepared for what they are going to experience. In order to make each trip as valuable as possible, our staff will create lessons or materials to be used before, during, and/or after each trip.

Designing alternative lesson plans (which parallel the traveling curriculum) for students who are unable to go on the trip
It is an unfortunate reality that not every student will be able to take advantage of the opportunities provided by a field trip. For these students we make available alternative lessons or activities, which meet the same educational objectives as the trip, and can be completed with a substitute teacher or at home.

Organization of fundraisers
Like the registration process, the organizing of a fundraiser can often be an overwhelming and time-consuming experience. Since so many trips are dependant on fundraising, we are happy to serve you by helping to select, organize, and oversee an appropriate and successful fundraiser.

Providing T-shirts, lanyards, name badges, or other student identifiers
A successful trip requires keeping track of all students at all times. To that end, we provide whatever type of visible "wearable" is most appropriate for each trip.

Fielding questions and phone calls from parents
When you delegated the actual planning of your trip to us, it is easy for you to become frustrated by all the detailed questions that often come from parents. Therefore, we encourage schools to forward calls they receive from concerned parents to our office. We are absolutely committed to addressing each concern in a caring and personal way.

Arranging for an experienced tour manager to lead each trip and take care of all the details
Whether in the classroom or in the "field," your role as the teachers does not change. We do not want to burden you with the distraction of where the bus should park, which of the three entrances to use, or what you did with the required confirmation letter. Instead, we want you to be able to focus on your students. Therefore, for any teacher who requests help in this area, we are prepared to send someone from our organization to lead the trip and attend to all of the logistical details.

ANYTHING! Each of our teachers has different preferences, and we work hard to keep them happy. To date, we have been able to accommodate every single request for help which has come to our attention.

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