"I have chaperoned every one of my daughter's field trips. This one, with Historical Adventures, was the best!"
We suggest bringing:
  • A maximum of ONE BAG to stow under the bus, plus one carry-on to take on the bus. Both should be labeled with student's name, phone number, and the name of the school.
  • Clothing. At least one set per day. Clothing should be appropriate for school, and comfortable for travel.
  • Shoes should be comfortable for walking long distances. We suggest two pairs, in case one gets wet.
  • Outer wear: be prepared for inclement weather.
  • Swimming suit.
  • Toiletries and pajamas. (Including sun block.)
  • Spending money: the amount is a personal decision. At least bring enough to cover the fast food stops.
  • Camera: disposables work great! (Write name on disposables.)
  • Cell phone or calling card to call home.
  • Pen: for completing trip assignments.
  • Brown bag lunch for day one.
  • Boredom busters (books, etc.)
  • Watch. Make sure at least one person in your group wears a watch.
  • Necessary medications (go to chaperone.)
We do not suggest bringing:
  • Excessive amounts of money.
  • Expensive electronics.
  • Your entire CD collection.
  • Your entire wardrobe.
  • Uncomfortable clothing or new shoes (blisters!)
  • Anything not permitted by school rules. (Weapons, controlled substances, etc.)
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